• 'The Nutcracker - The Untold Story'
  • (2nd unit)

Noisette Film Productions

Producers: Paul Lowin, Moritz Berman

Director: John Stephenson

DOP: Mike Frift



  • 'The Lion in Winter'


Exec. Prods.: Patrick Stewart & Wendy Neuss-Stewart

Prods.: Dyson Lovell & Paul Lowin

Director: Andrei Konchalovsky

DOP: Sergei Koslov


  • 'Me Without You'
  • (Panavision Anamorphic)

Dakota Films: Producers: Jonathan Olsberg, Finola Dwyer

Director: Sandra Goldbacher

DOP/Operator: Denis Crossan BSC



  • The Hole
  • ('B' Camera and Steadicam)

Producers - Lisa Bryer, Jeremy Bolt & Pippa Cross

Director - Nick Hamm

DOP/Operator - Denis Crossan BSC

Steadicam/'B' Cam. Operator - Alexander Sahla



  • The Children's Midsummer Nights Dream
  • (Mitchell BNC)

Sands Films

Producer - Olivier Stockman

Director - Christine Edzard

DOP/Operator - Joachim Bergamin



  • 'The Last Minute'
  • 2nd Camera Main Unit. (Anamorphic)


Director - Stephen Norrington

DOP/Operator - James Welland



  • 'Merlin' 
  • ('B' Camera Main Unit) (35mm)


Producers: Robert Halmi & Dyson Lovell

Director: Steve Barron

DOP: Sergei Koslov

Operator: Mike Frift



  • 'The Odyssey' 
  • ('B' Camera Main Unit) (35mm)


Producers: Robert Halmi & Dyson Lovell

Director: Andrei Konchalovsky

DOP: Sergei Koslov

Operator: Mike Frift



  • '20,000 Leagues Under The Sea' 
  • (2nd Camera Main Unit) (35mm)


Producer: Robert Halmi

Director: Michael Anderson

DOP: Alan Hume BSC

Operator: Mike Frift



  • 'Spiceworld
  • (2nd camera main unit & 2nd unit) 


Producer: Peter MacAleese

Director: Bob Spiers

DOP: Clive Tickner BSC/Paul Engelfield



  • Twin Town' 
  • (2nd camera main unit & 2nd unit)


Producer: Peter MacAleese

Director: Kevin Allen

DOP: John Mathieson BSC



  • 'The Secret Agent' 
  • (2nd camera main unit)


Producers: Bob Hoskins and Norma Heyman

Director: Christopher Hampton

DOP: Denis Lenoir



  • 'When Saturday Comes' 

Producer: Christopher Lambert & James Daly

Director: Maria Geise

DOP: Gerry Fisher BSC

Operator: Cary Fisher



  • 'Mad Dogs and Englishmen' 
  • (aka 'Shameless' (US))


Producer: Peter Watson-Wood

Director: Henry Cole

DOP: John Peters

Operator: Paul Engelfield



  • 'The Feast of July' 
  • (2nd camera main unit and 2nd unit)
  • (Panavision Super 35)


Director: Christopher Menaul

DOP: Peter Sova

Operator: Paul Engelfield



  •  'Resurrected' 

Producers: Adrian Hughes and Tara Prem

Director: Paul Greengrass

DOP: Ivan Strasburg



  • 'Out of Time' 

Producer/Director: Anwar Kawadri

DOP: Fred Tammes BSC

Operator: Nick Beeks-Sanders



  • 'Eat The Rich' 

Producer: Michael White

Director: Peter Richardson

DOP: Witold Stok BSC

Operator: John Gibson



  • 'Hidden City' 

Producer: Irving Teitlebaum

Director: Stephen Poliakoff

DOP:Witold Stok BSC

Operator: John Gibson

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