Features TV Drama Commercials
'The Nutcracker' 'Fingersmith' Lambie-Nairn Directors
'The Lion in Winter' 'Passer By' Park Village
'Me Without you' 'Servants' Sid Roberson and Partners
'The Hole' 'McCready & Daughter' R.J.Phillips and Co.
'Spiceworld'  'The Royle Family' Helen Langridge Associates
'Twin Town' 'Psychos' RSA Films
'The Secret Agent' 'Merlin' (35mm) Smith Jones Brown and Cassie
'When Saturday Comes' 'The Odyssey' (35mm) Spots Film Services
'Mad Dogs and Englishmen' Kavanagh QC' Howard Guard Prods
'The Feast of July'  'Dido and Aeneas' Grasshopper
'Resurrected' 'Bliss' Terence Donovan
'Out of Time' 'Safe' Guard Phillips Hughes & Lowe


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